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Fragile (2005)

"Fragile" (2005)
Dir: Jaume Balagueró

After seeing Balagueró's brutal adaptation of Ramsey Campbell's "The Nameless", I was intrigued to find more by him. This is his most recent effort and, sadly, has none of the bite of his debut. Instead, he's jumped on the 'soggy dead girl' bandwagon and this one could slide quite nicely into (admittedly the upper echelons of) the clapped-out "Ringu" clone pile. Calista Flockhart plays a nurse who takes a job in a children's hospital on the Isle of Wight. The second floor is sealed off and some of the children claim that there is a 'mechanical girl' called Charlotte who haunts it. Usual formula follows, as nice nursie unveils the mystery behind why the ghost is angry and in need of hugs. I admit liked this more than I do most films of its ilk, as the sets and photography were nice, the dialogue convincing and, HOLY FUCK, is that soggy dead girl a nasty one! The first glimpse of the ghost had me jumping half-way up the chimney with sheer fright! This actually works all the way until the very end where we see waaaay too much of her and she starts resembling Marilyn Manson (Lesson #16: What you DON'T show is often scarier than what you do). In fact, the whole, schmaltzy finalé is something of a damp squib after such an admirable attempt at building terror, so I'm afraid I'll have to mark this down a little. Still, if you've been let out of your well for a day and really do hunger for some soggy dead girl action, I'd definitely recommend this above most of the claptrap that's being peddled right now. **
Tags: soggy girls, supernatural, two stars
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