A man in dandism (naturalbornkaos) wrote in bloodcapsules,
A man in dandism

Scanners II : The New Order (1991)

"Scanners II : The New Order" (1991)
Dir: Christian Duguay

Bland, tedious sequel sees a return of the Scanners; men and women who have strong telepathic and telekinetic abilities and can do anything from reading thoughts to making heads explode. They also have mad arcade game skills, apparently, although I can't work out quite how. It's never explained. Nor is the reason why, in this installment, Scanners are being exploited by a corrupt policemen, who gets them hooked on an experimental drug and uses them as his own private army, to bring about a vague "new order" in Canada (it's the fourth reich, eh!). A generic 'good vs evil' plot emerges as puppy-eyed country boy scanner David Hewlett decides to stop the Bad Man. The expected scan-offs occur, there's a semi-ok exploding head effect and some creepy/groovy contact lens work, but the story is so transparent and predictable, it just plods along without generating the slightest bit of tension or interest. The only surprise here is that it wasn't actually made for TV, as it certainly plays that way. At 100 minutes, it long outstays its welcome to boot. Ah well. Easy come, easy go. *1/2
Tags: one and a half stars, supernatural
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