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Blade 2 (2002)

"Blade 2" (2002)
Dir: Guillermo del Toro

This gory but mundane sequel finds our fearless vampire killer (Wesley Snipes) joining forces with his undead nemeses, in order to defeat the Reapers, a new strain of super-vamps with explodey faces and curiously long tongues. This entails, essentially, a two hour chase through the neon-drenched streets of Prague (and features at least two shots that were (to my surprise) shockingly ripped off in "Hostel"). Still, there are some ways in which this excels the first "Blade" movie. The visual style is slicker and less clumsy-looking, the explodey face effect on the Reapers is FANTASTIC and the CGI stuff, although equally relentless, doesn't look so patently unconvincing. However, this one's let down by having almost no storyline at all. What little there is lacks pace or focus and this renders even the most visually striking of action sequences quite dull and meaningless. The film's also SERIOUSLY overlong at 117 minutes, although I did appreciate the way that, in the final reel, there is a sprinkle of amusingly reassuring dialogue like "it's nearly over" and "it won't be long now" (just to ensure no one leaves the cinema early, I suppose). Anyway, unless the sight of Ron Perlman in a shiny rubber suit, blowing bubblegum, appeals to you (in which case, can I just pause to say "eww"?) then you're better off skipping this one. *
Tags: one star, vampires
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