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The Eye 10 (...Infinity) (2005)

"The Eye 10 (...Infinity)" (2005)
Dir: Oxide and Danny Pang

Well, the good news is that the ordinarily po-faced Pang Brothers seem to have developed a sense of humour. The bad news is that it simply isn't funny. This inconsistent comedy/horror sequel bears little relation to the previous two "Eye" films. Instead, here, a teenager purchases a useful old book called "10 Ways To See Ghosts" and, with a little help from his friends, tries to conjure spirits through its arcane suggestions. The tone of the movie attempts a shift between low-brow comedy (who'd've thought that a single, well-placed fart could dispel demons in the spirit world?) to the archetypal moody'n'spooky style the Pangs are renknowned for, but since most of the scenes are neither funny nor scary, it fails on both levels. Instead we're treated to, say, a five minute sequence of a girl being chased down a corridor by a supernatural basketball, which is just dull and more than a little stupid. There is only one joke that's funny (it involves the kid from the first "Eye" film being kicked in the face - rar!) and the rest of the movie is pure tedium. As ever, the music and photography are lush but this, to me, just says the Pangs should stick to music videos. They clearly can't write a screenplay to save their lives. Sigh. Do you remember when Asia was at the cutting edge of the genre? Seems like such a very long time ago now. *
Tags: asian, one star, supernatural
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