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Andy Warhol's Dracula (1974)

"Andy Warhol's Dracula" (1974)
Dir: Paul Morrissey

A kitschy sister piece to the gorier and livelier "Andy Warhol's Frankenstein", this is a stranger and more low-key affair. Udo Kier plays a dying Count Dracula, who flees Transylvania for Italy, in search of virgin (or "wirgin") blood to revive him. After a conversation in a pub, he heads for the home of the Di Fiore family ("they must be religious, they have a very nice house") where he intends to feed off their four beautiful, but isolated daughters. However, he hasn't reckoned on horny handyman Mario (Joe Dallensandro in his usual perennial state of undress), who has been working his way through them in his spare time. Evil plans are thwarted, since the Count has a tendency to turn bright green if he drinks impure blood, which is certainly a highlight of the film. All of this copious sex and violence, surprisingly, leads to a strangely poignant finalé though. It's a very bizarre little picture as there are moments of genuine artistry and heartfelt emotion thrown in with some of the most ridiculous dialogue, terrible acting and campy vamping you'll ever see. It jars a little but, more often than not, works well. I'd certainly rather see interesting little curios like this than another soulless soggy dead girl movie. **1/2
Tags: black comedy, two and a half stars, vampires
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