A man in dandism (naturalbornkaos) wrote in bloodcapsules,
A man in dandism

Slither (2006)

"Slither" (2006)
Dir: James Gunn

Amusing splatstick farce about a small Southern town that's terrorised by slimy red worm-like creatures from outer space that enter the body via the mouth and take over the brain, turning people into zombies. There are one or two nice ideas here, although the reference points ("Shivers", "The Thing", "Night of the Living Dead", etc) are intentionally obvious and it's all very knowing stuff (not to mention familiar territory). Some of the CGI effects are terrible but these are redeemed by one or two good uses of prosthetics (ie: Michael Rooker's remarkable 'squid suit'). Surprisingly though, the best thing about the movie is, by far, the dialogue. James Gunn's screenplay, although not strong on story, is loaded with sharp, hilarious Southern-fried banter and he captures the feel and mentality of his fictional small town perfectly. This adds immensely to what, otherwise, would've just been yet another generic creature feature homage and makes "Slither" a painless enough way to waste 95 minutes. It's almost frustrating because he's clearly a talented comic writer and I'm sure he could do a lot better than this. **1/2
Tags: aliens, two and a half stars, zombies
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